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Ertoel Roberta Spinner
 Roberta SpinnerErtoel Spinner Combo Model:
with 2 standard and 1 jumbo bobbin:
$985.00 plus P & P. For postage charge, please e-mail with your postcode.

Ertoel Spinner Jumbo Model:
with 3 jumbo bobbins:
$1010.00 plus P & P. For postage charge, please e-mail with your postcode.

$50.00 Discount if paid by Direct Deposit or Money Order or Cheque.


  • Jumbo flyer features a single sliding hook on both models.
  • Jumbo bobbins, each holding up to 500 gms. Three bobbins are supplied with each jumbo model spinner and 2 standard and 1 jumbo bobbin with combo model.
  • Flyer bearings are now made of polymer material to create less friction on the flyer for super free running.
  • Adjustable speed control to suit individual requirements. 
  • Weighs only 5.45 kg (12 lbs). 
  • Compact; only 21.5 cm high by 26.5 cm wide and 28 cm deep (8 by 10 by 11 inches) 
  • Beautifully made from timber, finished in a dark walnut gloss. 
  • Silent, efficient and does not interfere with television. 
  • Easily transported and stored. 
  • Suitable for spinning any and all types of fibre. 
  • Optional pause foot switch. 
  • Warrantee for 12 months plus motor only for 10 years (to original owner) 
  • 240 volt power supply standard. 

  • Optional Pause control: $96.00 
    Jumbo Flyer: $110
    Extra Jumbo Bobbins: $46.00 
    Standard Bobbins: $33.00 
    Drive Belts: $5.00 

Second hand reconditioned spinners sometimes available.

Please enquire. 

Phone: 0417 547 082
12 Cleary Ave, Launceston,
Tasmania. Australia. 7249.
Email: info@taswoolliecrafts.net

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